University of Maryland Individual Studies Program

Fall 2008 Graduates


B.A., Recreation Management
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Seppo Iso-Ahola, School of Public Health
College Park Scholars Program
Magna Cum Laude
Andrew is pleased to graduate from the University of Maryland with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Recreation Management. Recreation Management is defined as the study of the development and management of recreational programs. Andrew's recreational interests involve programs in the field of experiential education, with camp and challenge course programs a primary focus. His senior project examined the development of the theories that comprise the experiential education field, and included an analysis of recent findings on the outcomes of various experiential programs on participant populations. In addition to his coursework, Andrew interned and worked at Beth Tfiloh Camps in Reisterstown, MD. He assisted in redesigning the camp's door-to-door transportation system and implemented a new program for the challenge course, grounded upon the principles of experiential education. Andrew also worked as a facilitator and supervisor in the University of Maryland Challenge Course Program. He has worked with a variety of groups, including trainees from Black and Decker Corporation, University of Maryland sports teams, support programs for underprivileged youth, and an international journalism professional program. He gained experience in training new employees in the ideas of experiential education and challenge course facilitation, and implemented strategies to improve the quality of programmatic delivery to clients. After graduation, he will continue working for Beth Tfiloh Camps as the manager of their new challenge course rental program, and will pursue consulting opportunities for corporate teambuilding programs. Andrew has consistently received Dean's List honors, and holds a citation in the College Park Scholars in the Arts living-learning program. He is also a member of Sigma Alpha Lambda National Leadership and Honors Organization.


B.A., Visual Communications
Faculty Mentor: Dr. James Thorpe, Department of Art

Julie is proud to be graduating from the University of Maryland with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Visual Communication. Visual Communications is defined as the study of communication by presenting information through visual form. Julie's senior thesis investigates the manner in which Victoria's Secret visually communicates to people and the effect this has had on western culture. Her thesis will further focus on how corporations, such as Victoria's Secret, visually communicate to women of all ages. While completing her degree, Julie has held a number of jobs as a means of exploring career options. She found a calling to help people while volunteering with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, which has given her a great sense of accomplishment. After graduation, Julie plans to continue her education and get an Associate's Degree in Radiologic Technology and Radiation Therapy from Howard Community College. Though her career path will not directly reflect her Bachelor's Degree, Julie will use the knowledge gained to aid her in the visual field of radiology.


B.S., Occupational Safety and Health Management
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Penelope M. Koines, Department of Biology

Robert is proud to be graduating from the University of Maryland with a Bachelor of Science degree in Occupational Safety and Health Management/Fire Protection Engineering Concentration. The Occupational Safety and Health Management degree is defined as the study of the science and practice behind anticipation, recognition, evaluation, and control of safety and health hazards in connection with the work environment. Robert's senior thesis evaluates usability issues in new product development of the Fyrewrap fire protection system and will be submitted as a product review and standards recommendation to Unifrax and U.S. Underwriter's Laboratory Offices. In addition to his academic pursuits, Robert has been working as an intern for the consulting firm of Hughes Associates Inc., in Baltimore, where he recently completed work on Life Safety Evaluation Plans. His work has impacted the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, North Carolina's Ashville Art Museum, New York's Fort Drum's Military Deployment Building and the Limitless Hotel in Dubai. After graduation, Robert plans to work full time for Hughes Associates as well as pursue a Master's Degree in Architecture at the University of Maryland.


B.S., Meteorology
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Robert Hudson, Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences

Joe is graduating from the University of Maryland with a Bachelor of Science degree in Meteorology. His senior project detailed his work at Aberdeen Proving Ground with high-speed wind sensors used to assist ballistic testing. Joe spent two summers working as a Meteorological Technician with the high-speed range wind system and worked on an improved methodology to calculate the Wet Bulb Temperature (Heat Index) using temperature sensors during the summer months. Joe has been involved in the Air Force ROTC on campus for the past four years. During his time in the ROTC program, he was awarded the National Defense Industrial Association Scholarship and the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corp Scholarship. Joe will be commissioned as a Second Lieutenant into the United States Air Force, as a Weather Officer. He will begin training at Maxwell AFB, Alabama, and will eventually be stationed at Shaw Air Force Base in South Carolina. Joe would like to thank all of those individuals within IVSP who have helped him achieve his goals of becoming a meteorologist. He would also like to thank his wife, Amy, and his family for always supporting and encouraging him throughout his college experiences.


B.A., Asian American Public Policy and Advocacy
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Larry Shinagawa, Director, Asian American Studies
Magna Cum Laude

Ginger is graduating from the University of Maryland with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Asian American Public Policy and Advocacy. Asian Americans represent the second-fastest-growing minority demographic in the United States, and as the numbers grow, so does the influence of Asian Americans in the political sphere. Ginger's interest in Asian American studies was fueled by an internship with the Korean American Coalition, where she participated in the Washington, D.C., Crime Victims Assistance Program, citizenship and voter registration drives, and the Coalition's National Youth Leadership Conference. Recognizing Asian Americans' historical under-representation in political literature, Ginger's senior thesis examined the myths and realities surrounding Asian American participation in electoral and protest politics. Moving beyond culturally-based theories, Ginger analyzed the creation of a pan-ethnic Asian American identity and recommended methods for mobilizing the community. In addition to her degree, Ginger completed a certificate in Asian American Studies under the mentorship of Dr. Larry Shinagawa. She also served as Teacher's Assistant for Professor Phil Tajitsu Nash in Asian American Public Policy. Ginger maintained a strong GPA throughout her studies at the University of Maryland, regularly appearing on the Dean's List. Ginger also had the privilege to spend three years as a Congressional staff member in the Office of Representative Albert R. Wynn, working on behalf of Maryland residents in Montgomery and Prince George's counties. She is currently employed by the Instructional Technology Council, an educational non-profit organization focused on technology in higher education. Following graduation, Ginger plans to return to Capitol Hill, working to provide equitable minority representation in federal legislation.


B.A., Museum Studies
Faculty Mentor: Dr. W.C. Richardson, Department of Art
Magna Cum Laude

Ophra is proudly graduating from the University of Maryland with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Museum Studies. The Museum Studies degree combines the fields of art history, fine arts, art theory, communication and anthropology, as it investigates the obstacles and significance of exhibiting artworks to the public. For her senior project, Ophra created a virtual exhibit entitled "The Visual Vernacular of Spirituality" for The Art Gallery at the University of Maryland. The exhibit utilizes the gallery's permanent collection to explore the uses of spirituality and religion within the visual arts. Ophra has consistently been a Dean's List honoree. She has interned at The Textile Museum and The Corcoran Gallery of Art, where she assisted the curators by doing research and creating and editing documents. Ophra is also a member of the Stamp Student Union Gallery's prestigious and selective art purchasing program, in which she and a panel of six other students research and select artworks for the Union Gallery's permanent collection. The panel will defend the works before a board of experts and then purchase them from New York galleries in the spring. After graduation Ophra plans to work for a year and a half in a museum or gallery and then continue her education in a Curatorial or Art History Master's program.


B.A., Leadership and Team Development
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Nina Harris, Assistant Director of the James MacGregor Burns Academy of Leadership

Allen is excited to be pursuing his passion by earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Leadership and Team Development from the University of Maryland. The Leadership and Team Development degree is centered on Leadership Theory, with specific focus on the skills of leadership studied in the fields of Communication and Psychology. For his senior capstone project, Allen developed and presented a practical philosophy of college leadership, which was designed to help students improve as leaders in the college environment. This project has been a great experience for his career ambitions to become a leadership consultant. He has also had the privilege of interning with the Veritas Institute of Mentorship, where he thrived under the mentorship of many successful individuals in the business world. After graduation, Allen plans to travel to Bogotá, Colombia to meet his girlfriend's family and improve his Spanish.  Upon returning, he plans to begin working with a local leadership development program.

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