University of Maryland Individual Studies Program

Spring 2012 Graduates

Manka at GraduationManka Banda
B.A., Global Public Health
B.S., General Biology
Minor: International Development and Conflict Management
Mentor: Dr. Donna Howard, School of Public Health

Manka Banda joined the Individual Studies program in October 2010. In addition to studying Global Public Health, she also pursued a degree in General Biology and a minor in International Development and Conflict Management. As a student in the university’s Federal Semester Program, Manka interned at the United States Department of Human and Health Services Maternal and Child Health Bureau. In the summer of 2011, she volunteered at Kalinga Eye Hospital in Orissa, India as a Global Impact Fellow with the non-profit organization Unite for Sight. Since 2009, Manka has worked as a teaching assistant for first year Biology courses and Principles of Genetics. In 2010, she began working as a research assistant at the Joint Institute for Food Safety and Applied nutrition, investigating the impact of scientific uncertainty on food safety policies in the United States and European Union. Manka is a member of the Peer Leadership Council, a group in which she works to organize leadership development programs for students across campus. As a trip leader for the alternative breaks program, she has led three week-long community service trips on urban poverty in Baltimore, interfaith education in Philadelphia and environmental conservation in the Bahamas.


Camille at GraduationCamille Cross
B.S., Human Health and Wellness- Cum Laude
Minor: Spanish Language, Business and Culture
University Honors Program
Faculty Mentor: Dr. James Watson, Department of Biochemistry and Chemistry

Camille Cross is excited to be graduating from the University of Maryland with a degree in Human Health and Wellness and a minor in Spanish Language, Business and Culture. Human Health and Wellness is the study of the biological and psychosocial elements of human health and included classes in Biology, Chemistry, Psychology, Human Development and Public Health. Camille’s senior capstone project examined risk factors for cardiovascular disease and its contribution to racial and ethnic health disparities in the African American Community in Prince George’s county. Camille is a Banneker Key Scholar and has been on the Dean’s list every semester of college. She will be attending medical school at the University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine in the fall. While at Maryland, Camille shadowed medical practitioners at the University of Maryland and Johns Hopkins Hospital, worked as a resident assistant and Honors College student worker, played in the UMD Repertoire Orchestra and ran with Terp Sprinters. Camille also gained valuable knowledge through three significant summer experiences: the Summer Medical Dental Education Program at Howard University School of Medicine, a Study Abroad trip to Spain; and the Pritzker School of Medicine Experience in Research program. Camille offers the utmost gratitude and appreciation to God, her parents, family and friends for their love and support. She would also like to extend a special thank-you to her academic mentors and the Honors College Staff for their support and encouragement.


Meg at GraduationMeg Eden
B.S., Cognitive Science and Written Communication
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Willie Davis, Department of English

Meg Eden has worked one-on-one with autistic children in her church, with the help of an Ann Arundel County Public Schools Developmental Specialist. She also attended Neuroscience and Cognitive Science, Psychology and Child Development Colloquiums, as well as Language Science Day at UMD. She also has worked at Center for Advanced Study of Language.  She graduated from the Jimenez-Porter Writer's House, and was vice president of Chess Club.  “Four-Color Pens”, an excerpt from 9-8 (Meg’s Capstone Project), won second place in The Claremont Review’s annual contest, as well as an honorable mention from University of Maryland’s Litfest fiction contest. Her collection “Your Son", has received The Florence Kahn Memorial Award, and her collection, “Rotary Phones and Facebook,” is to be released in June 2012 by Dancing Girl Press.

In the future, Meg hopes to transfer her understanding of Autism Spectrum Disorders to help individuals in Japan with similar symptoms called hikikomori, offering therapy and Biblical ministry. She'd like to thank God for directing her through each step of career choices.


Ellen at GraduationEllen Eichenbaum
B.S., Children’s Nutrition Behavior
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Samuel ‘Woodie’ Kessel, Department of Public Health

Ellen is excited to be graduating from the University of Maryland with a Bachelor of Science in Children’s Nutritional Behavior! Her degree focuses on the influences, choices, and outcomes related to children and food. Most of her coursework was completed in the nutrition, marketing, and psychology departments. Her internship with the United States Department of Agriculture’s Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion was one of her most meaningful and beneficial experiences in college. She gained firsthand experience in nutrition promotion and loved learning how to write Plain Language summaries and MyPlate toolkits! Ellen’s capstone project, titled “Childhood Obesity and the Theoretical Frameworks to Drive Interventions,” focuses on the contributing factors to childhood obesity, theoretical bases for change, goals and challenges of the interventions, and her firsthand experience with the Baltimore GrandFamilies Initiative.

During spring semester last year, she studied abroad in Rome, where she left her nutritional instincts at home and ate all the pizza she could! Throughout college, Ellen loved heading into DC on the weekends, dancing in Bethesda, and participating in a bunch of social justice projects with Hillel. She is eager to further her studies in nutrition promotion, education, and/or communication in the future. She is not sure of what the immediate future holds for her yet, but is hoping to move to some city on the east coast and aid in their local fight of childhood obesity!


Hannah at GraduationHannah Glassman
B.A., Environmental Conflict and International Development
Faculty Mentor: Dr. John Grayzel, Center for International Development & Conflict Management
Hannah is proud to be graduating from the University of Maryland with a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Conflict and International Development. With her degree, Hannah has explored key global challenges facing today’s world relating to environmental studies, international development, and global conflict in a combination of political, cultural, economic, and social contexts. She has held leadership positions in various student organizations, including Fundraising Chair for the Jewish Student Union, Sponsorship Chair and Logistics Chair for the 5K Run for Love through Alpha Chi Omega, and Co-Chair for the IVSP Student Advisory Board. Hannah spent a semester studying International Relations and Australian Environments in the Gold Coast of Australia in fall of 2011. She also interned at the University of Maryland Office of Sustainability as the author of the 2012 Campus Sustainability Report, which will be published in late summer.  Hannah was also a Special Projects intern at the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism providing source analysis and research support.

For her Capstone Project, Hannah wrote a thesis about the global water crisis evaluating the history of the problem, the impact of water scarcity on other global challenges, solutions that have been developed to address the problem, and what new approaches the global community should take.  Hannah regularly appeared on the Dean’s list, and was elected a member of Phi Beta Kappa. She would like to thank Dr. Grayzel and Dr. Burton for their guidance and encouragement throughout her educational experience along with her family for their continued love and support.


Trevin at GraduationTrevin Hoekzema
B.A., Community Economic Development
Mentor: Dr. David Lovell, School of Engineering

Trevin Hoekzema is excited to graduate from the University of Maryland with a Bachelor's of Arts degree in Community Economic Development. This major is the study of key factors influencing sustainable development, economic growth, and progress in developing countries. The major prepared Trevin with the theoretical frameworks and practical skills necessary to address critical global concerns such as conflict management, food security, and governance. The three fields of study the major focused on were International Development, Developmental Economics, and Leadership and Communication. Trevin focused on the future of microfinance as the culmination of the major in his senior capstone project. The project, titled, "The microfinance movement is at the end of its cycle. Where are you headed?" suggested a new cycle for the industry to adopt. He created the argument through a descriptive thesis that synthesized articles, journals, and current trends.

After graduating, Trevin plans to secure a job in the field of international development where he will get involved with programs that are focused on developing sustainable markets. He will also pursue a graduate degree in the near future. During his time at UMD, Trevin was on the Dean's List, co-founded International Friends, and volunteered for many local organizations, including Serve the City Baltimore.


Evan at GraduationEvan Margolis
B.A., Character Studies and Design
Minor: Astronomy
Mentor: Dr. Thomas Earles, Department of English

Evan Margolis is proud to be graduating the University of Maryland with a B.A in Character Studies and Design. This major combines Art, English, and Psychology to accurately portray the human character. Evan’s senior project was a comprehensive character study comprised of short stories and portraits.

Evan has been honored with the H. Morton Rosen Arts Award and is a Maryland Distinguished Scholar in the Arts.  He also designed the graphic that is on the current Individual Studies T-shirt. Currently, Evan is the scenic artist for the Beth Tfiloh Community Theater Company in Pikesville, Maryland.  This is their fourth season, and they will be performing Urinetown on August 19, 21, and 22, 2012.  Evan also loves playing sports and watching the Orioles.  In the future, he would like to apply his unique major to storyboarding for animated movies.  He really loves his family and friends.  Thank you!


Roya at GraduationRoya Motazedi
B.A., International Relations and East Asia
B.A., Japanese
College Park Scholars – Cultures of the Americas
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Virginia Haufler, Department of Government & Politics

Roya is proud to be graduating from the University of Maryland with a double major in International Relations and East Asia and Japanese. Roya has been studying Japanese since she was a child and developed a strong passion towards foreign cultures and international relations. Roya’s IVSP major incorporates history, government and literature courses focused on East Asia. Roya’s Senior Thesis is titled “Intersections of Contemporary Okinawan Identity.” Her Senior Thesis examines the various components that make up the modern Okinawan identity, and the struggle that Okinawans have experienced in defining themselves with regards to the “Japanese” identity.

During her time at the University of Maryland, Roya interned at the U.S. Department of Justice’s Office of International Affairs in the Criminal Division, as well as in Senator Cardin’s Office. For the past three years, Roya has been an active member of the University Student Judiciary and served as a Presiding Officer for the Central Board. Roya has been on the Dean’s List and is a member of the Japanese National Honor Society. After her study abroad plans to Tokyo, Japan were canceled due to last year’s earthquake and tsunami, Roya decided to study abroad in Istanbul, Turkey.

After graduating from the University of Maryland, Roya will be working in Yakage, Japan through the Princeton in Asia program. In the future, she is interested in attending law school in order to pursue a study in international law.


Elizabeth at GraduationElizabeth Niarhos
B.A., Latino Counseling
Mentor: Dr. Courtland Lee, Department of Counseling &
 Personnel Services Elizabeth Niarhos is excited to graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Latino Counseling and ready to begin new adventures. Latino Counseling studies the application of counseling skills to the Latino population. Through the variety of courses that her major consists of, Elizabeth has discovered her passion for cross-cultural interactions and development. Her senior thesis explores how a counselor’s awareness of both the socio-historical and current contexts of the Latino immigrant population is essential to working with Latina/o immigrants in a culturally competent manner.

Elizabeth volunteered at the Help Center, the University’s peer counseling and crisis intervention hotline, for three years. She also volunteered with Beyond These Walls, assisted in teaching with an adult ESL program, and spent her fall semester sophomore year volunteering with the Children’s Developmental Clinic on Campus. Elizabeth is graduating from the University Honors College with an Honors Citation. After graduation, she will move to Chile for five months to teach English. She is incredibly thankful for this opportunity and intends to take full advantage of every cross-cultural experience it presents to her. 


Rachael at GradutionRACHAEL PAZORNICK
B.A., Education and Diversity Studies
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Sue Briggs, School of Behavior and Social Sciences

Rachael is proud to be graduating from the University of Maryland with a Bachelor of Arts in Education and Diversity Studies. With her degree, Rachael focused on coursework in human development, cultural diversity, and student leadership and personnel services. The degree focuses on how culturally diverse communities and various education styles enhance learning environments by enriching the student experience. Rachael interned at BBYO, where she worked to create higher quality programming for a national youth movement. For her Capstone Project, Rachael volunteered as an Assistant Coach for the Girls on the Run program at Illchester Elementary School. She worked on a weekly basis to facilitate the program, which features a ten-week curriculum that combines sport and life skills. Upon graduation, Rachael will be a traveling chapter consultant for Alpha Chi Omega. Rachael will be working with chapters throughout the year to provide support and improve members overall collegiate experience. She is a member of several extracurricular clubs and served as chapter president of her sorority, Alpha Chi Omega, as well as the Greek honor society, Order of Omega.


Shoshana at GraduationShoshana Rosen
B.A., Children with Special Needs and Family Support
Minor: Elementary Special Education
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jacqueline Wallen, Family Science

Children with Special Needs and Family Support is an interdisciplinary in-depth approach to learning about and understanding children with special needs and  the influences and roles of their families, communities and schools.  Shoshana’s degree combines the studies of Psychology, Special Education, and Family Science to help each unique child reach their potential and to serve as a resource for the child, family and community. For her Capstone project, she created two major projects, both while interning at The Arc of Prince George's County. The first was a networking website for local parents with children with special needs, ages birth to four. This site is for families to connect, share information, gain resources, and experience a supportive network. For her second project, called “Ready @21”, she created and implemented a curriculum to prepare high school children with special needs for transitioning out of school and into the workforce. 

Throughout her years at UMD, Shoshana was very active in Hillel and the Help Center, a UMD counseling and crisis intervention hotline, where she served as a peer counselor, a leader for orientation weekend for new volunteers, and a trainer for new counselors.  Shoshana is a four year UMD Presidential Scholar, and earned Dean's List for many of her semesters.  Shoshana was awarded Senior Marshal and the honor of holding the gonfalon, to represent and lead in graduation. After she graduates, she plans to study and volunteer for one year in Jerusalem, Israel.  Thereafter, Shoshana intends to obtain a Master’s degree in Social Work and work with children with special needs and their families.

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