University of Maryland Individual Studies Program

Fall 2014 Graduates

Robert Cobb
B.S. , Entrepreneurship and Innovation in STEM Education
Faculty Mentor:Robert Grimm, School of Public Policy

Robert Cobb is thrilled to graduate with his degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation in STEM Education. With coursework focused on Entrepreneurship, STEM Concepts, and Education and Society, he has a strong sense of how we improve the way we teach science, math, engineering, and especially computing. In his capstone project, “Analysis of Computer Science Education Resources,” Robert looks at the ways the online learn-to-code resources are meeting the needs of students and educators and the opportunities to improve them.

In his three years as the Technology Director at TIC Summer Camp, he helped hundreds of campers get excited about using programming and technology to make awesome self-driven projects. He loves teaching and helping college-aged students too, as a TA for Game Theory and the Honors 100 classes as well as a peer crisis counselor at the Help Center. Robert has worked with the best and the brightest from different fields as they come together on awesome real-world projects at the student-run incubator the Startup Shell, at hackathons like UMD's own Bitcamp, and in interdisciplinary honors programs for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (EIP) and Quality Systems (QUEST). He loved his semester abroad in Trondheim, Norway, studying microprocessors. He's excited to code, teach, innovate, and, no matter what, keep on learning!

Robert would like to thank Dr. Grimm, Dr. Burton, Lori, and his family and friends for all their support - he could not have done it without them.


John Jaber
B.A., Advertising
Faculty Mentor:Jim Thorgel, Department of Art

John is graduating with a B.A. in Advertising. His major combines Art Direction, Business Practices and Advertising techniques. For his capstone, John designed an advertising campaign for Mini Cooper that included elements of print ads and a design for a mobile application that allows consumers to use their cell phones to design a customized mini cooper.

While at the University of Maryland, John has worked with Photoboxi, LLC and interned at AKQA and Wunderman DC. He was a finalist in BMW North America’s short film contest where he had to create a 5.9 second showcase for the 2013 BMW328i. John also worked on an Acura Integrated Marketing campaign through the Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland.


Jeffrey Robinson
B.A., Education Policy and Social Issues
Faculty Mentor: Christy Tirrell-Corbin, College of Education

Jeff is excited to be graduating from the University of Maryland with a B.A. in Education Policy and Social Issues. His major, can be defined as the study of education as it relates to public policy and the history of inequality and social injustice. It combines elements of education, human development, social inequality, and government and policy. For his capstone project, Jeff looked at the effects of youth mentorship as well as teen experiences with social media, to examine if a link between the two would be beneficial for youth mentoring programs.

During his time at Maryland, Jeff was selected to the Honors College of Education. Through this program he learned about current education policy and helped put together a research study examining the effects of technology integration with math lessons. Jeff was also member of UMD’s Global Semester in Washington D.C. program, which focused on academic exploration into global leadership and policy with a professional internship experience. Jeff has interned with both the U.S. Department of Education and Harvard’s Project Zero, where he looked at the value of a liberal arts and sciences education in the 21st century.

Jeff would like to thank many people for making his undergraduate education successful. First, the IVSP staff for empowering him to take control of his own education and follow his passion; he is extremely grateful for the help and passion of this office to see him succeed. He would also like to thank his friends for the immense support and good times they have offered him over the years. Finally he would like to thank his family, especially his parents, who have helped guide and support him the whole way, with unwavering support, even when it looked like he had no clue what he was doing.


Anthony Rogers
B.A., Web Communications
Faculty Mentor: Jennifer Golbeck, College of Information Studies

Anthony joined the IVSP in 2009 after having changed his major from Studio Art, to Computer Science, to English Language and Literature. Unsatisfied with having to choose between the sciences and the humanities, his major, “Web Communications”, is a fusion of art, communication, and information management.

For his capstone project, Anthony created a web application to help future IVSP students create their major. After graduation, he plans to join the Human–Computer Interaction Lab as a graduate student, and pursue research in interdisciplinary topics.

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