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The IVSP Commencement Ceremony is a small and personal, during which each graduate is introduced and celebrated by his or her Faculty Mentor or the Program Director.  The ceremony is followed by a reception to celebrate and recognize the students' achievements.  The reception features student-created posters reflecting their unique IVSP learning experiences.  Students and their families have told the IVSP office repeatedly that it is the most meaningful graduation ceremony they’ve ever experienced.

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Spring 2017 IVSP Commencement Information:

IVSP Ceremony: Monday, May 22, 2017

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When: The ceremony starts at 9:30 am. Graduates will need to meet Lori and Dr. Burton 9:00am. Mentors should arrive by 9:15 am. The ceremony will last about ninety minutes.

Attire: All students are to wear University of Maryland graduation regalia. Caps, gowns, stoles, and hoods can be picked up in the University Bookstore in Stamp starting March 11.

Tickets: There are no tickets for the IVSP Graduation. Just let the IVSP Coordinator, Lori Praniewicz, know an estimate of how many friends and family are coming by May 1, 2016.

IVSP Commencement Reception immediately following graduation ceremony!

Where: TBD

When: Immediately following the ceremony; about 11:00 am and ending around 12:30 pm.

Event Details: This reception is to celebrate your achievements. There will be a buffet of hot and cold food and the posters that students create will be displayed to explain each of your individual majors and your accomplishments.


To-Dos for the Graduation Ceremony:

Melissa and Liz at Graduation
  1. Let the IVSP Coordinator know how many friends and family you plan to attend the ceremony. Please also include any information such as dietary restrictions that we need to know for the reception (e.g. severe allergies, Kosher food, vegan, etc.). This information should be emailed to by May 1.
  2. Create a short (no more than a half page) biographical statement for our graduation program. Please submit this statement via email to by April 29.
  3. Create a Poster that reflects your Capstone achievements and your majors. (The IVSP office has examples for you to look at!) Please use the templates and guidelines from the office to guide you. The IVSP Office will have it printed for you. Please turn your poster into the IVSP office by April 29.
    Poster Template

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