University of Maryland Individual Studies Program

Irene Solaiman
International Relations, 2017


Internships: U.S. Embassy in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania; U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Near Easter Affairs, Maghreb Affairs; DoS, Bureau of Information Resource Management

Study Abraod: Germany; Japan; Singapore; Seville, Spain

Extracurricular Activities: On campus I am a founding member of the Honors College Student Advisory Board as well as the Banneker/Key Community Council. I am a peer counselor at the Help Center Hotline and am also a student adviser to the Title IX Office. When at UMD, I am an Honors Ambassador. Currently I am abroad and am volunteering at a women's shelter for abused domestic workers in Singapore.

IVSP Experience: IVSP empowers me. I can say without doubt that had I not been accepted, I would not be having the most incredible adventure of a year living in three different countries. It gives me far more than opportunity and flexibility; it makes me the leader of my life and my path in university. From the first day I set foot into the IVSP office, I felt welcomed, I felt wanted, and I felt at home. The support I received while writing my proposal not only remains unparalleled, but also continues even when I am on the other side of the world. Beyond giving me the ability to pursue the international relations track that I am passionate about, IVSP fosters a community of driven, intelligent, and truly unique individuals, giving me the peer group I was craving and lacking in my former faculty. Most importantly, IVSP has changed my view towards higher education because I am not taking courses just for a degree. I am taking courses that matter to me. There is no other office with such warmth and radiant energy, nor with administration that reaches out to make sure you are the happiest you can be.

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