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IVSP 318: Independent Learning Activities

IVSP318 is an optional course for IVSP students to gain credits from activities outside of the classroom. Only those with approved IVSP majors may register. A student may sign up for 6 credits per semester, may repeat the "course" number for up to 9 credits, and may not take more than one IVSP 318 at a time.

Types of IVSP 318 Learning Activities:

  • A work experience directly related to the field of study (paid or voluntary; formal "internship" or not).
  • Independent research projects or directed reading on specific subject areas within the major which are not covered in existing courses.
  • Other learning/training activities which do not qualify for official transfer credit but which are (or can be expanded to become) legitimate academic learning experiences.

Time Commitment & Assessment of Experience

Internship experience: The general guidelines for earning IVSP 318 credit for an internship experience are (based on a 15 week semester): 45 hours per credit.  The number of credits earned is partially based on the number of hours spent at the site; however, you are also expected to do some reflective work beyond this. All IVSP students completing IVSP 318 are required to complete at least 2 written reflection assignments. The site supervisor (if not the Faculty Mentor) will complete and submit an intern evaluation form to assist the Faculty Mentor in assessing a grade.  A copy of the Intern Evaluation should be turned into the IVSP Office for our records

Independent study or research: When IVSP students are using IVSP 318 for independent study or research, time commitments will vary. Students and their Faculty Mentors should carefully spell out the commitments of each, with clear assessment and evaluation standards.

The IVSP 318 Learning Contract

The contract form includes a statement describing your internship or project and how and by whom it will be evaluated (see forms). If another format is preferred, a copy signed by both student and the faculty member supervising the experience must be submitted for the file.  The IVSP 318 contract is due at the time of registration, and no permission will be granted until the contract has been turned into the IVSP Office.  Everyone involved should have a copy of the contract, including the student's Faculty Mentor, who will be the grader of record. Please consult the Learning Contract Assessment Rubric to make sure that all information is included.

IVSP 318 Forms

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