University of Maryland Individual Studies Program

Joshua Hall
Digital Media in Society, 2017


Internships: University of Maryland, Office of Sustainability

Study Abroad: Canterbury, England

Extracurricular Activities: I'm a DJ at WMUC. I'm also a Summer Scholar for the Maryland Undergraduate Research Center.

IVSP Experience: Digital Media is a broad field that stretches across many departments. The Individual Studies Program allowed me to craft a major that really digs into the interdisciplinary nature of the digital world, from film, art, and technology, to society, gender, and the internet. The staff is wonderfully helpful and supportive of all of my ventures, even the far-fetched artistic ones (because what is a narrative app, anyway?). Getting the chance to work one-on-one with my faculty mentor has allowed me to find my niche, and prepare for grad school and future careers. Wherever I land, I feel confident in the range of skills that I've developed during my time in IVSP.

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IVSP is a degree granting academic program of the Office of Undergraduate Studies