University of Maryland Individual Studies Program

Liana volunteering in Jerusalem

Liana Berlin-Fischler
Media Arts & Social Change, 2018

Internships: Embassy of Israel, Digital Diplomacy Department

Study Abroad: Australia, Costa Rica, Israel

Extracurricular Activities: JSU Israel Chair; (co-organized) Shakshuka Artist Collective; freelance graphic design/video editing; yoga

IVSP Experience: I'm new to IVSP, but beyond excited to finally pursue a degree which encompasses my multiple interests in interdisciplinary fields—IVSP allows me to embrace individuality both academically and personally. From the moment you begin the process, you work with advisors that guide you towards reaching your goals during and after your time at UMD. I'm appreciative of the professional advice and being part of a program that makes my academic dreams a reality. I'm looking forward to what comes next!

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