University of Maryland Individual Studies Program

Sade Ayinde
Global Economic Development
& Policy, 2017


Internships: U.S. Department of State, Bureau of International Organization Affairs

Study Abroad: Bangalore, India (Reilly Fellow); Phichit, Thailand

Extracurricular Activities: Resident Assistant; Omicron Delta Kappa; Education Abroad Peer Mentor; Alternative Spring Break Leader; Student Government Association, Diversity Committee; Academic Achievement Programs; Student-to-Scholar Mentoring Program, Student Coordinator

Fellowships/Scholarships: Rosalie Reilly Gubernatorial Fellowship; Public Policy & International Affiars (PPIA) Fellowship

IVSP Experience: I chose an IVSP major because the field I wanted to study wasn’t offered at University of Maryland. What is different about IVSP is that they truly understand the intersectional nature of learning and education. As an IVSP major, I study the cross disciplines of economics, and international development and public policy. I was hesitant at first; I wasn’t sure if an IVSP major was something I could explain to employers and graduate school. But I soon realized, that my IVSP major makes me stand out from the crowd and gives me a substantive edge when applying for other opportunities.

Looking back, IVSP was the best decision that I’ve made at Maryland. IVSP has given me the support and freedom to passionately and constructively pursue my goals. With IVSP, I am given the tools to independently and proactively think of my future and intended impact in the world.

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IVSP is a degree granting academic program of the Office of Undergraduate Studies