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Sabrina Shirazi
Hominin Evolution, 2016

Study Abroad: During the Spring 2015 semester I went to Germany for a month to participate in a Programming for Evolutionary Biology Workshop offered by the University of Leipzig as the only undergraduate student.

Extracurricular Activities: At UMD I am president of the Anthropology Student Association. Since March of 2014 I have performed research at the Smithsonian Center for Conservation and Evolutionary Genetics and the Natural History Museum Anthropology Department. My research utilizes both modern and ancient DNA to examine human impact on different wild animals in the U.S.

Fellowships/Scholarships: Full scholarship for graudate study at University of California, Santa Cruz

IVSP Experience: Having the opportunity to be an IVSP major is incredible. It allows me to cater my education to exactly what I want to do. The program encourages you to become involved in internships or study abroad opportunities, where you can further explore your field. In exploring your field of interest more, you gain a greater understanding of what the field is and what you must do to get there. The fact that IVSP allows you to learn and alter the major as you go has allowed me especially to really create an education for myself that is preparing me extremely well for graduate school.

Post Graduation: I will be attending the University of California, Santa Cruz for a PhD in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology.

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