University of Maryland Individual Studies Program

Specific IVSP Courses and the Writing Craft Requirement

Students must complete their individually designed curriculum as approved by the faculty mentor and the IVSP Faculty Review Board, fulfill the University of Maryland general education requirements, and complete the following specific IVSP requirements:

  • IVSP 317 - Self-Refelctive Progress Report (required; submitted at end of every semester, but credit received only in final semester)
  • IVSP 318 - Independent Learning Activities (optional; includes internships, research projects, etc.; highly recommended)
  • IVSP 420 - Senior Capstone Project or Paper (required;in last semester of program)
  • Writing Craft Course (required, in addition to Professional Writing)
    • All IVSP students must take at least one "writing craft" course.
    • These courses focus on the craft of writing in and of itself.
    • Pre-approved courses include ENGL 281, 291, 383, 384, 385, 391-398, 487, 488 (as appropriate), 493, 494; COMM455. 
    • Note that you may take a Junior English or Professional Writing for the IVSP Writing Craft requirement, although it may not double-count (you would need to take a separate course for the IVSP requirement).
    • To suggest a course not mentioned above: if you find another writing-intensive course that focuses specifically on the craft of writing, you may suggest the course to the IVSP office.  Submit your request in writing to  Include the description of the course, the course number, and the reason you believe the course satisfies the spirit of the writing craft requirement.  Title your email: Writing Craft Course Proposal. 
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