University of Maryland Individual Studies Program

Rules for Admission to Individual Studies

At the time of admission the student must:

1. Have a clearly defined academic goal that cannot be reasonably satisfied in an existing curriculum at the University of Maryland, College Park.

2. Be currently enrolled and have at least 30 earned college credits with at least 12 credits completed at College Park.

3. Have a minimum of a 2.5 GPA in each of their previous two semesters of college, and at least a 2.0 GPA overall.

4. Complete at least 30 additional credits beginning the term following admission to IVSP.

5. Identify an appropriate faculty mentor, preferably tenured or tenure track, with significant undergraduate education experience related to the field of study.

6. Complete a detailed plan of study (proposal) which is approved by their faculty mentor and then approved by the Individual Studies Faculty Review Board. This proposal will include: 

  1. A clear statement of the central academic purpose for their major.
  2. Specific course requirements including at least 27 credits of upper-division major coursework (300 & 400 level) beyond the IVSP courses: IVSP 317, IVSP 318, and IVSP 420.
  3. The list of courses must include at least one writing-craft course, in addition to the CORE or General Education Fundamental Studies Introduction to Writing and Professional Writing requirements, selected from an approved list that is available from the Individual Studies staff.
  4. A semester-by-semester plan for the completion of their undergraduate degree within a reasonable period of time.

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IVSP is a degree granting academic program of the Office of Undergraduate Studies
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