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Forms for Current IVSP Students

Change of Curriculum Form: If you find you cannot take one of your required courses for some reason, you will need to replace it in your program. Download this form and take it to your Faculty Mentor to look for possible substitutions. Write up your reasoning for the change proposal and submit that sheet to the IVSP office along with the form requesting a change of curriculum.

*All change of curriculum requests must be approved by the Faculty Mentor as well as the director of Individual Studies. The forms should be submitted before the the new course is taken, except in extenuating circumstances.*

John in the mountains IVSP 317 Progress Report : The progress report is a written analysis of progress toward completion of degree requirements. This self-reflective report is required of all Individual Studies students each semester in which you are enrolled in the program. (You register for IVSP 317 only in the semester prior to the semester in which you plan to graduate.)  

IVSP 318 Learning Contract Form: If you are planning an internship, research experience, or independent study for the coming semester you must submit this completed form to the IVSP Coordinator before you can be cleared to register for the course.  The form requires your Faculty Mentor's signature.

IVSP 318: Design Rubrics: The rubrics by which IVSP 318 Learning Contracts will be assessed.

IVSP 318: Internship Evaluation Form: If your IVSP learning experience was an internship, this form must be filled out by your internship supervisor and submitted to both your Faculty Mentor and the IVSP office within two weeks of the end of the semester. This will allow the Faculty Mentor time to assess an appropriate grade for your IVSP 318 course.

IVSP 420: Senior Thesis/Capstone Project: The Individual Studies Senior Thesis or Capstone Project is a significant research project, synthesizing the interdisciplinary course of study of an IVSP student. All IVSP majors must register for IVSP 420 in the final semester before graduation and earn three credits for their project.

IVSP 420: Design Rubrics: The rubrics by which IVSP 420 Capstone Project prospectuses will be assessed.

IVSP 420: Faculty Evaluation of Senior Thesis/Project Form: The Individual Studies Program requires that two additional faculty members who have expertise in the student's area of study evaluate and critique the student’s thesis or final project. The comments will then be submitted to the student’s Faculty Mentor, who will determine the final IVSP 420 grade.

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