University of Maryland Individual Studies Program

General IVSP Requirements

Once admitted to Individual Studies, students must:
  • Earn a grade of C- or better in all courses required in their IVSP program of study;
  • Complete mandatory advising sessions with their Faculty Mentor and IVSP staff every semester to review their semester-by-semester plan for completion of their IVSP program;
  • Work towards immediate completion of the CORE or General Education requirements, if not already completed.
  • Complete all required IVSP courses: IVSP 317, IVSP 420 as well as the Writing Craft Course.

Every semester as an IVSP student, you should:
  • Discuss your academic progress with your Faculty Mentor and with IVSP staff.
  • After your advising appointments, check that IVSP staff have removed all registration blocks and given permission for IVSP courses, as necessary.
  • Complete a 4-5 page Progress Report by the end of exam period each and every semester to fulfill the requirements of IVSP 317.
  • If you will be enrolling in an IVSP 318 Learning Experience, then register for IVSP 318 under the section for your Faculty Mentor.
    • Be sure to turn in a Learning Contract for IVSP 318 prior to beginning your independent study or internship.
    • If you are completing an internship for IVSP 318, you will also have your internship supervisor submit the Internship Evaluation Form by the close of exam period at the end of the semester
  • Participate in at least 2 IVSP events, including professional development workshops, social and service events, and networking gatherings.


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IVSP is a degree granting academic program of the Office of Undergraduate Studies
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