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Studying Abroad is a great way for IVSP students to gain new perspectives and take courses that the University of Maryland, College Park may not offer.  Please note that while abroad, you will still need to fulfill IVSP's mandatory advising.  You should contact the IVSP Coordinator to make arrangements for this.  You will need to have ready, your course list for the following semester, as well as an updated list of courses by semester.  It is also important for you to alert the coordinator if there have been any course changes while abroad.

Preparing to Study Abroad for IVSP Majors

You may use study abroad to earn credit toward University of Maryland CORE or General Education requirements as well as IVSP major requirements. To ensure proper transfer of credits, be sure to follow all of these steps:

  1. Kristen M. in RussiaContact the Education Abroad Office to meet with an Education Abroad Peer Mentor.

  2. Consider which study abroad programs best fit your academic and personal goals.

  3. Meet with IVSP staff (and Faculty Mentor, as necessary) to determine the best semester for study abroad and to discuss which requirements you can feasibly complete overseas (including the IVSP 318 option).

  4. Once accepted to a study abroad program, meet with an Education Abroad Advisor to complete the Permission to Study Abroad (PSA) or Course Pre-Approval form. The Education Abroad Advisor determines the number of credits that can transfer back to UM for each course. Students are allowed to transfer up to 18 credits per semester. Questions about the PSA form can be directed to an Education Abroad Advisor.

    N.B. It’s very important to fill this form out completely, noting which courses will be used to fulfill CORE Distributive and/or Advanced Studies requirements, which courses will be used to fulfill your IVSP major requirements, and which courses will be electives. You are advised to list more courses on your PSA than you will feasibly take while abroad so that you will have back-up choices available if your first-choice courses are not offered; note CORE and IVSP equivalencies for these alternative courses as well.

  5. For CORE Distributive Studies classes, you must request and receive approval from the UM academic departments that offer equivalent courses.

    Unless transferability and CORE equivalences are approved in advance, there is no guarantee you will be allowed to apply the credits to University of Maryland degree requirements. For more information, see the CORE Study Abroad page.

  6. Meet with IVSP staff to confirm the applicability of credits in your IVSP major; the IVSP Director will sign your PSA. IVSP will confirm the applicability of credits with the UGST Dean or his/her representative, who must also sign your PSA.

  7. Once your paperwork is received in Education Abroad, you will be registered as a study abroad student.


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